Welcome to jIO

jIO is a JavaScript library that allows to manage JSON documents on local or remote storages in asynchronous fashion. jIO is an abstracted API mapped after CouchDB, that offers connectors to multiple storages, special handlers to enhance functionality (replication, revisions, indexing) and a query module to retrieve documents and specific information across storage trees.

How does it work?

jIO is composed of two parts - jIO core and storage libraries. The core makes use of storage libraries (connectors) to interact with the associated remote storage servers. Some queries can be used on top of the .allDocs() method to query documents based on defined criteria.

jIO uses a job management system, so each method call adds a job into a queue. The queue is copied in the browser’s local storage (by default), so it can be restored in case of browser crash. Jobs are invoked asynchronously and ongoing jobs are not able to re-trigger to prevent conflicts.